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Lumar is a company whose specialty is complex and professional customer service in the field of fireplaces and stonemasons. Long-term experience in natural stone processing, cooperation with the best manufacturers of fireplace inserts, systematic increase of knowledge on professional training, attractive product offer and high quality of our services allows us to satisfy the most demanding customers.

Warm fireplaces, cumulative materials

In addition for traditional buildings, we offer a warm fireplace. These are so-called healthy buildings where the heat is accumulated and then left for a long time to the environment. Thus, we do not overheat short-lived spaces and longer we enjoy healthy for us. Cumulative materials can be used in all types of enclosures.


We make fireplaces projects so that you can see the design of the fireplace in the living room, view it from any perspective, estimate the space occupied, and know the exact dimensions and proportions of the enclosure.

All elements of the fireplace enclosure are made in our production plant equipped with machines for cutting and processing natural stones and tiles. We do not use intermediary services. We produce, control and respond to the quality of the finished components. The fireplace before leaving the plant is carefully checked and pre-assembled to reduce the time required for subsequent installation.

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